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C++ is general Purpose Programming language which supports Object Oriented Concepts. Generally C++ is a Super Set of C Language Every C application can be upgraded in C++ with Object Oriented Concepts There is much application like Operating Systems. UNIX, Windows, Linux, No Crisis Warhead and Other Cool games, No Photoshop, No FireFox, No VLC, No FL Studio, No Playstation, No XBOX and the list continues. 90% of the applications in the world are written in C and C++.

The main objective student can able to implement the applications can develop the Programs with classes and objects. The developed application of C can change into with classes and can add the entire object Oriented Concepts. Developing in C++ the application is more optimized and efficient than C.

Course Objectives

C Programming :
  • Components of a C Program
  • Variables and Constants
  • Expressions and Operators
  • Basic Functions
  • Basic Program Control
  • Basic Input/Output
  • Arrays
  • Pointers
  • Characters and Strings
  • Structures
  • Variable Scope
  • More Program Control
  • Working with Screen Printer and Keyboard
  • Manipulating Strings
  • Getting More from Functions
  • Error-handling functions
  • Memory storage in C
C++ Programming :
  • The Parts of a C++ Program
  • Variables and Constants
  • Expressions and Statements
  • Functions
  • Basic Classes
  • More Program Flow
  • Manipulate memory
  • References
  • Advanced Functions
  • Arrays
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Special Classes and Functions
  • Advanced Inheritance
  • Manage input and output using streams
  • Exceptions and Error Handling

Assignment & Portfolio Building

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