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Certificate Course in Anchoring



Anchor Academy offers a well designed course in Anchoring for the beginners. From this course the learner will learn Fundamentals of Anchoring it will help you acquire the poise and confidence required to make it big as an anchor.

We also help our learners to learn advanced lavel course, diploma in News Presenting & Anchoring, this course will bring the student a kick start for their future career.

Course Objectives

Highlights of what you learn:
  • Basic Of Anchoring
  • Introducing TO microphone, EP, Stage, Lightning
  • Voice grooming-tips and techniques
  • Dress code for men and women
  • Make-up tips and techniques
  • Techniques too ace the interview and create a powerful impression
  • Tips on anchoring from the experts in the field
Learning Outcome :
  • You get entertain and interact with a very large audience
  • You can earn popularity with you talent and enjoy a huge fan following
  • You get to meet and interact with lots of celebrities
  • You get to be a part of some of the biggest events

Assignment & Portfolio Building

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