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Anchor Academy is going to get you introduced with a highly streamlined sect of graphic design related courses. We make it a point that you are going to learn as well as approach in a very step by step manner. We have award winning teaching methods. It is a booming sector indeed as well as jobs are available in bounty. Our courses are designed in such a manner that you find no trouble to find and get a job.

This course has been designed by graphic-design professionals for people who have little or no graphic-design training. Anchor Academy is aware that many people in the general office environment are now required to produce items in-house, such as newsletters, reports and leaflets. This course explains and demonstrates the essential foundational elements of Graphic Design which, when applied, enable the course candidates to create documents using similar techniques and working methods as professional graphic designers.

  • Basic design principles
  • Overview of design elements
  • Typographic elements
  • Design evaluation skills
  • Logo design

Come and get admitted to these courses to drive your career to the right direction and boost it up.


Raster Graphics Design

  • Getting to Know the Workspace
  • Photoshop Basics
  • Painting and Retouching
  • Creating a Good Image

Vector Graphics Design

  • Getting to Know the Adobe Illustrator Workspace
  • Illustrator CS6 Essentials
  • Addding Color
  • Working with the Drawing Tools
  • Exploring Additional Color option
CORELDRAW: (Optional)
  • CorelDRAW Basics and Interface
  • Objects Creation and Manipulation
  • Working with Special effects and Texts
  • Page Layout, Printing, Export and Advanced Features

Interactive Document Design

  • The InDesign workspace
  • Working with Text and Type
  • Working with Graphics
  • Building Documents with Master Pages
  • Working with Styles
  • Creating and Using Tables
  • Getting to Know the Workspace
  • Working with the Drawing Tools

Assignment & Portfolio Building

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